DJ Cronnor is a DJ-tool for a hybride analog/digital equipped club. It contains a full-featured dualdeck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a playlist-system for usage inside a bar. DJCronnor is made to be

DJ Cronnor is not a toy to demonstrate (semi-automatic) beatmixing with nice graphical animations (like most DJ software). Also, because you don't need the mouse, you can actually use it in real-life situations. DJ Cronnor is not designed for real usage without an analog mixer, at all - there are zero volume controls available in the software (because you don't need them when you have a mixer). So remember: DJCronnor is to be used with a mixer, and without your mouse.


Regarding generating DMX, DJCronnor controls -in the current settings- the realtime position of two scanners, several smaller effects like a stroboscope black-light etc, and not the least: it also calculates and manipulates the color and brightness of four Showtec Led pars -while providing realtime audio. The light system has currently 3 chaser-programs for the scanners, and about 12 chaser-programs for the LED-par's. A Behringer LC2412 is used (connected through an USB-MIDI box) to control the parameters of the whole. Currently, the whole lightening system is only usefull for you when the sourcecode is adjusted to your hardware; e-mail the author for more information.

The roots

Well, you may now wonder where this all comes from. This is all build for the DJ's of the student-society Biton in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can also take a peek at the DJ's website (see at the examples). Because DJ Cronnor can also generate an SQL-query for your collection, we use it on our website to have a searchable online index of all our music (the .php file is currently not in the distribution but you can download it here. Currently, the website at Biton contains more: it provides an agenda with automatic reminding of several things, automatic repetitive addition and scheduling of new data, and more. The website also contains a system where people can request new music, where the DJ's can vote and keep track of what happened to the requested music.