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Support - CPS 1.45 to 1.50
CPS 1.45 to 1.50

Structural changes and new objects

  • permanently removed restrictions on how many objects you can create in one patch (this was already removed in version 1.46 and higher).
  • added out-of-the-box support for Entec's Open DMX USB box, and for LED par 56's, so that is is now terribly easy to use CPS as the primal software to control lightening. So use tables, lfo's, the presetManager and other audio-related stuff to make sophisticated DMX chasers and colors.
  • on Windows, switched from the out-dated Microsoft Java Virtual Machine to Sun's Java Virtual Machine.
  • added Apollo, an ear-model (Meddis's Unitary model) based pitch detection algorithm
  • added .ogg support (audioFromDisk and table)
  • added support for reading .ogg and .mp3 tags (audioFromDisk and table) by conversating the command "_getTag tagname filename"
  • added scrolling through playing audio (audioFromDisk), by giving a percentage or a time in seconds.
  • Director/Shockwave: fixed file-locked-problems for several occasions
  • Director/Shockwave: patchingErrors now stop the running patch so that the chance that you make patches with errors, is much smaller
  • Director/Shockwave: at the end, CPS also prints out what globals were created, so you can copy these into your code at the top.
  • standAlone-SDK C++/Java: moved several checks from the SDK-components into the engine, which makes the SDK components quite more 'lightweight'.
  • standAlone-SDK Java: to prevent hundreds of warnings inside Eclipse, CPSConnection objects are not named by default. And, because of package issues, the source for the Java standAlone SDK is now simply included in the CPS-SDK.
  • standAlone-SDK C++: this SDK looks like the plugin-SDK now, by using the same class 'Baseclass'. To make this join, these things were renamed: 'CPScpp.dll'->'CPSLibIndirectly.dll', setSamplerate()->setsamplerate() and setBuffersize()->setbuffersize() .
Smaller fixes
  • GUI: in these two years, countless smaller GUI issues have been fixed, like problems with sblock, etc.
  • added about 20 new examples, f.e. digitiser and some sound generating examples
  • checkBox: can now also have a standAlone name
  • tablesize: caused an error after some specific actions
  • OSCparam: after typing, the portnumber is now immediately acknowledged - this gave confusion when users wanted another portnumber, pressing start didn't choose the portnumber that was displayed.
  • VST plugins (Windows): slightly better support by doing idle calls.
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