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Support - CPS 1.40 to 1.45
CPS 1.40 to 1.45

This is a general update with improvements on several area's, but without really introducing a lot of new items.

Graphical Interface
  • Mac OSX: fixed the colourfull waiting after popping up the objectlist a few times
  • Macro's: these are now listed together with the elementary objects in the menu
  • URL's: now there's clear feedback about the download (started/downloading, plain HTTP feedback)
  • audioFromDisk: added buttons for adding URL's & clearing the list
  • table: better visual representation of audio files
Object changes and additions
  • replaced 'filterQ' with 'filt', a filter with resonance that includes shelving and peak filters and does not clip as much as filterQ, and also sounds better when you change the frequency.
  • timer: added a seperate input for on/off
  • all ft objects now automaticly give output when the table property is changed
  • URL-caching: fixed several problems, including virtual hosts and spaces
  • audioFromDisk: fixed noise when buffersize not 512 and no repitching
  • fixed several tutorial bugs and replaced some old subpatches with new ones
  • added a sequencer-like example
  • Several macro's have slightly changed, like LFO's and counters
SDK improvements
  • Director & Windows: fixed the 'file is locked' problem as far as possible. There is more info in the FAQ.
  • Director: added seperate caching of URL's (through the command "cache http://...") and seperate flushing of the URL-cache (through "cache reset"). Use the error checking for feedback weither the file is completely cashed or not.
  • Director: added several checks for when CPS fails to create an object (like a second 'audioOut' or a VST-plugin that is not on the right place). Again: use the error checking!!
  • C++ standAlone SDK: can now be used with the free Dev-C++ compiler for Windows. Only some minor headerfile differences, no SDK changes. The plugin SDK compiles with DevCPP but the plugins do not run in CPS yet.
  • C++ standAlone/plugin SDK: header files have been adjusted to compile out of the box with MSVC6. No SDK changes.
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