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Support - CPS 1.1 to 1.2
CPS 1.1 to 1.2 New Items
  • Introduced 'Save As Director/Lingo': you can use the engine of CPS inside MacroMedia's Director. CPS is accessible through a set of lingo commands, with which you can talk interactively with CPS objects while Director is running.
  • Introduced .MP3 (and .M3U) decoding. You can use MP3 files as if it are normal WAV files.
  • Introduced .cps file assigning and icon, and a visual feedback of weither the audio is running or not.
  • Introduced hinting coloring when mouseOver on connectors
  • Introduced 'application' (and the application-SDK for C++ and Java), an object to test your application/game with CPS as the multimedia engine, with the graphical interface of CPS still running, so that you are still able to edit the CPS patch.
  • Introduced 'delayOK', a traditional fractional multi-tap delay, which is missing in MPEG-4 SAOL.
  • Introduced doubleclicking in an empty space, and then being able to type the name of the new object that you want.
  • Introduced a graphical way of selecting the midi devices for the 'midIn' and 'midiOut' objects.
  • Introduced a lot of new Macro's, including several midi input macro's and fader macro's.
  • Introduced 'tableToDisk' to save tables to disk at runtime.
Changes and additions
  • numberField&constant: clicking in the field and leaving it now means (re-)triggering the number
  • audioControl&controlAudio: dramaticly improved performance when working on sampleprecision
  • numberField&constant: shift means moving immediately, also when editing
  • horizontalFader & fader: colorize also works on these now
  • audioFromDisk: added looping
  • gain: prevented high value input for the 2nd controlinput (time)
  • Improved several tooltips and error messages with more runtime information like filenames
  • presetManager also works now when CPS is used as standAlone Engine
  • Differences in usage:

    • you may set more than one presetManager at the time (use subpatches for seperation)
    • deleting an object means gone out of all objects (even after Undo)
    • vinking on/off i-rate after capturing also has no effect anymore

    standAlone SDK:

    • removed unnecessary exception handling calls
    • added safe escape-sequence pretty printing for user-optional strings
    • added saving information of buffersize and samplerate

  • 'audioFromDisk': the loading of the playlist is now done by giving each filename one-by-one instead of one big string. The engine is backwards compatible (important for your created stand-alone applications), the graphical interface is too: it translates the old notation into the new on first usage.
  • sblockOut: has been removed from the 'Insert' menu with the introduction of delayOK. It is still present, you can get the object manually, by doubleclicking in an empty space, and typing 'sblockOut' followed by an enter.
Small Fixes and Bugfixes
  • On fast computers, the selection sometimes 'hang' on the mouse
  • audioToDisk: stereo audio wasn't prevented to 'clap' when it clipped
  • loading files: not all loading errormessages of objects were printed in the console
  • horizontalFader & fader: giving float value's of ranges was possible
  • float: doubleclicking didn't always give the helptext.
  • oscil: removed clicks on negative frequency's
  • igaussrand, ilinrand, kgaussrand: also gave output when giving arguments in first two inputs
  • koscil: reading the last value of a table went wrong
  • standAlone SDK: fixed poor i-rate calls when working with extremely big patches (more than 512 objects)
  • standAlone SDK: fixed setting 'constant' value when not also being fired on i-rate
  • presetManager: constants were not pushed
  • after open URL, saving was not always possible because of the URL name.
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