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Support - CPS 1.0 to 1.1
CPS 1.0 to 1.1 New Items
  • Introduced a presetManager, so that you can switch, store and reload settings. Has a normal control input for switching presets while the patch is running.
  • Introduced 'Save as .cpp' and 'Save as .java'; you can run a patch without the interface of CPS and use the engine of CPS in your own program! The API for C++ is the same as in Java. You can use any Java 1.0 compliant environment.
  • Introduced 'scoreToDisk', which records realtime events to an MPEG-4 Structured Audio Score file .sasl'.
  • Introduced serial port access. You can also use this object to link two computers to each other. The polling goes automaticly and does not have to be done manually.
  • Introduced a 'voiceAllocator' for allocating voices for multitimbral instruments.
  • Introduced filters with resonance.
  • Introduced MIDI file I/O.
  • Introduced 'weak references' in subpatches, so that you can make a set of usefull subpatches which are always used in all other patches.
  • Introduced 'save as group': instead of saving things in one object (a traditional subpatch), you can save a selected set of objects and load them at once.
  • Introduced a subdirectory architecture in the user Macro's. Works with subpatches as well as with 'groups'; is updated after file-load or file-new. Also added a lot of macro's, including a lot of MIDI macro's.
Small changes
  • Enlarged the sensitive area for dragging wires outside objects
  • You can change visual settings (font, size, colors) for objects
  • You can assign a color for each object (including Display objects)
  • added the 'autoStart' object
  • table: added 'Use audio File' shortcut
  • improved printing
  • helptext now appears quickly
  • added support for arrow keys
  • gave the 'loscil' opcode a 'retrigger' input
  • audioIn&audioOut: selection of audio hardware has simplified
  • keyboard: it gives a normal 'midiMessage' instead of single bytes.
Bugs Fixed
  • startup: because some Microsoft VM's were not 1.1 compatible but generated no warning, making a new object caused the window to get resized to zero. The checks on wrong VM's has been improved accordingly.
  • startup: Microsoft has some debug info being printed out in recent DirectX versions. This caused CPS to be started twice if it was the first program that used DirectX. There's a work-around build-in for this DirectX bug.
  • tableread and tablewrite: reading/writing the last item was not always possible.
  • modulo: had a default second argument of zero.
  • rms: the size was in samples, not in seconds.
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