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In the beginning of CPS, there was a mailinglist. Fromof 15 september 2002, the mailinglist is back again (at high request). You can find information about the mailinglist at Yahoogroups, or simply e-mail to subscribe. Note that it's best to e-mail to the helpdesk for problems with installing CPS, simply to keep the mailinglist more interesting. Of course, all directly e-mailed questions are frequently added to the FAQ's, so there's a very very big chance that your question is in there as well. If you only want to be notified of new versions, please add your e-mailadress to the announcement mailinglist.

This is an unmoderated mailinglist, available for everyone. There is a small files section, where people can share patches. On this mailinglist, users can discuss about anything related to CPS, for example about possible solutions to (musical or sound design related) problems, complaints about missing features, text-driven vs. graphical editing, MPEG-4 Structured Audio issue's, sharing patches, etc. Posting attachments is not disabled but discouraged.

What does 'CPS' stand for ? Is CPS based on C-sound ? Is CPS dead?? More...