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Several CPS related links
  • A short online review of CPS at Electronic Music 411 (2002)
  • An old but huge article about Java & music (incl. CPS) in the Electronic Musician (1 Nov. `00)
  • A racing game for blind people created with CPS&Director called Drive (or Sneller in Dutch)
  • Two small but very beautiful CPSBrowser examples from Lazzaro Nicoḷ Ciccolella
  • The 'cpsChat' object connected with MIDI I/O and a time rescheduling mechanism: MidiChat
  • A Dutch course in MAX/MSP and CPS at the CEM-studio (may-april 2002)
  • An open-source software package for Java MIDI I/O by Bonneville called Wire
  • There was a lecturer about CPS in the 'Specialization Course in Computer Music' at the CRM (Centro Ricerche Musicali) in Rome (11-16 november 2002). The sheets are online at the mailinglist section.
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