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If everything else failed, e-mail us

If you couldn't find the answer to your question in the F.A.Q's or in the manual, then you can always e-mail for personal help.

Of course you can also e-mail for suggestions, idea's, questions or any feedback at all. Because, without feedback from users, CPS has no right to exist!

If you are a company or are an international organisation and you are about to do a big project with CPS, send an e-mail for extra support. You can also inquire for related side-products of course. We have enough software experience in the house to do most music technology projects as well.

Note: thanks to the spamming these days, you MUST use the word 'CPS' in the title, otherwise your e-mail will be filtered and deleted as unknown spam before reading it at all!!! Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't forget it - don't blame us for not answering your mail if you didn't include 'CPS' in your title!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after reading this red statement above, feel free to e-mail to support [@] . Note that cps [@] is currently disabled due to spamming reasons. And last but not least, one obvious but practical note: if you e-mail about that something doesn't work (not a 'how should I do this" question): never only e-mail 'feature X does not work' but also tell when what does not happen when you do what, and tell what does happen instead, only telling that something doesn't work is not enough.

What does 'CPS' stand for ? Is CPS based on C-sound ? Is CPS dead?? More...